Criminal Defense

JusticeDream team — yeah, we have a Dream team!

Martin Mead (plus his team of several of counsel lawyers), ready to go.

Martin has been making clients happy for over 30 years, yeah, that’s right — HAPPY.

Not-guilty verdicts, great plea deals, minimized pain, all for flat fees, with no fancy billing cleaning you out later — or forcing you to accept something — or “well, the fees are going to be a lot more if you want that” nonsense.  FLAT FEES, and we see you through to the end — always have, always will.

You want a dream team? We think teams make you look guilty, but if you want one, we can do that.  What we find  more effective is giving you  a lawyer with a support team —That’s a winning team.

WE ONLY HANDLE MAJOR CASES!  What’s a major case? Trust me if it’s YOURS, it’s major, to YOU, and to US.